Eric offers you a moment of letting go, of well being, a moment for you to relax the time of a massage.

Trained at the AZENDAY massage school and at the FORM ACTION relational massage school, I propose a trip to relax your muscles, release the pressure, with slow and fluid movements soothing for the body and the mind.

Give yourself a unique moment, just for you.


The Balinese massage brings harmony and a perfect balance between the body and the spirit. The applied movements aim at combining softness, relaxation, tone and energy: kneading, effleurage, palpate-rolling, percussion, acupressure … More precisely, the effects Balinese massage benefits are:

  • Softer and more supple skin
  • A body revitalized and boosted in energy.
  • Relaxed muscles.
  • In a good mood.
  • The disappearance of the lumbar pains.
  • Brings harmony between the physical and the mental.
  • Evacuates fatigue and tension.
  • Weight loss by drainage.


Californian massage is a global approach that aims as much relaxation as the awakening of a body-mind awareness. This massage uses long slow and fluid movements that allow a deep physical and psychic relaxation. A Californian massage session allows you to:

  • Relieve tension (physical and mental)
  • Relieving muscle contraction due to psychosomatic processes
  • Rebalance the emotional expenditure
  • Increase the sensitivity and awareness of the body’s receptors on the one hand, and the mind on the other hand

The massages last on average 1h or 1h30

Massage discovered: The massage of the back and the legs for a duration of 30mn.